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International Russian-English preschool curriculum

About us

Moscow International Preschool was founded more than 5 years ago and continues to grow and develop. Our staff is made up of international professionals from numerous countries, including the USA, the UK, Russia, Canada, Africa, Asia and Latin America. Over the last five years we have gained an excellent reputation. Our  international kindergarten in Moscow enrolls children from all over the world, and our lessons are conducted in an international environment.

A skilled teaching staff, an extensive resource library and working materials from all over the world have helped us  to develop our own curriculum – Moscow International Preschool Curriculum (MIPC) – and to implement it at our kindergarten with a great success. MIPC has been successfully tested and provides proven results including the balanced development of children and their bilingual communication skills, overcoming linguistic barriers and meeting international and Russian primary school expectations.

What is MIPC?

MIPС is a complex new generation educational and developmental curriculum, which is based on the bilingual concept of early childhood development.

The main goal of the MIPC is a comprehensive development of children’s intellectual, creative and physical abilities. Unlike foreign curricula, MIPC eliminates the problem of communication and new information perception in foreign language that can complicate child’s socialization and development and enhances culture perceptiveness and intercultural communication.

MIPC is adapted to various age groups and facilitates the all-round development of children.

We are looking forward to sharing the knowledge and expertise which we have built up over the past five years with other kindergartens and child development centres!

This program is suitable for

Those who would like to set up a bilingual kindergarten or a child development centre, but are having difficulties with choosing a curriculum due to lack of experience in educational process organization

Those who have already opened a bilingual kindergarten or a child development centre with a franchise affiliation, but want to receive only what’s necessary for the successful work of the kindergarten

Kindergartens with children from different countries in order to solve a number of problems arising during group work with expat children

Those who value their time and want to obtain the best result possible in the sphere of child development.

Those who would like to implement new curriculum in order to save money

Cooperation on MIP Curriculum has a number of advantages

The introduction of MIP Curriculum requires teaching staff to have only basic teaching skills in order to work with children. MIPC is user- friendly due to detailed explanations and  thus, simplifies the selection of potential employees

It provides a solution to the problem of high personnel turnover: the way the materials are organized enables you to perform staff changes smoothly without losing time and effort in training new personnel

There is no need to develop a library stock for the lessons, you receive all the materials lesson-by-lesson on-line

Social climate improvement due to the decrease of psycho-emotional strain on the teachers and educators: there is no need to search for materials for the lessons on their own or with assistance which in turn decreases the strain on the Head of kindergarten

Saving teaching resources: time saved, spent on educational materials preparation

Saving money spent on methodologist’s salary: all the materials have already been developed

Convenient form of teachers’ reporting and interacting with parents: child’s individual filing allows easy observation of the results of teacher’s work and the child’s development and if necessary, they can be used in future life of a child

Access to theme-based weekly units: teachers get access to weekly units one week prior to their beginning in accordance with the theme-based schedule; therefore, teachers get an opportunity to prepare the necessary material during the week, as well as to ask our methodologist any questions they have

Adopt the best experience of the successful functioning of a bilingual kindergarten

Convenient franchise form with no reference to the brand, but to the curriculum only and without monthly royalty payments from the gross revenue

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